About us

The Vetreria Artigiana Valdigne in Morgex, in the province of Aosta, was born in 1995 for a Luca Pressendo project.
For 25 years we have been guaranteeing a wide range of glazing which can range from simple or laminated safety glass to insulating glass of various compositions with, at the customer’s discretion, low magnetic emissivity treatment and argon gas that increase the insulating capacity of the glass. We also deal with the supply of mirrors, shower cubicles, glass tables, walkable glass, glass doors and partitions, all personal made.

We also offer countless glass processing services such as grinding, sandblasting, drilling and layering. We create artistic glass windows with lead or brass binding, sandblasted or engraved decorations, at the discretion of the customer who can provide photos or drawings of his choice which will then be faithfully reproduced in glass depending on the type of artistic glass that is requested. We have also created with various sports associations for the creation of glass trophies, decorated or not.

Vetreria Artigiana Valdigne guarantees the installation, if required, for each supply.
We offer high quality material at very low prices and free cost for the offers.
we work in Aosta Valley, Piedmont, France, Switzerland.